Block C (9-11 Years), Year 1, Spring

Block C (9-11 Years), Year 1, Spring

The Son of God

The goal of this session is to help children foster a relationship with God. They’ll become familiar with the events that took place in Jesus’ first year of ministry and the different reactions that the people had. They will allow the Holy Spirit to work in their lives, making real the things that Jesus taught and did.

Title – Download

Intro – Download

Index – Download

Week 1: John: The Precursor to Jesus (C.1.SPRING.1)- Download

Week 2: The Baptism of Jesus (C.1.SPRING.2) – Download

Week 3: The Temptation of Jesus (C.1.SPRING.3) – Download

Week 4: Jesus Looks for His Disciples (C.1.SPRING.4) – Download

Week 5: The First Miracle (C.1.SPRING.5) – Download

Week 6: Jesus in the Temple (C.1.SPRING.6) – Download

Week 7: Jesus with Nicodemus (C.1.SPRING.7) – Download

Week 8: The Water of Life (C.1.SPRING.8) – Download

Week 9: Ministry in Samaria (C.1.SPRING.9) – Download

Week 10: Jesus Heals a Child (C.1.SPRING.10) – Download

Week 11: The Imprisonment of John the Baptist (C.1.SPRING.11) – Download

Week 12: Jesus in Nazareth (C.1.SPRING.12) – Download

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