Block C (9-11 Years), Year 2, Winter

Block C (9-11 Years), Year 2, Winter

God’s Plan

In this session, children foster a relationship with God. They’ll learn about the lives of the kings of Israel and Judah and will understand that each person is called to “Honor God and keep his commandments”.
Title – Download

Intro – Download

Index – Download

Week 1: The Road to Destruction (C.2.WINTER.1) – Download

Week 2: The People Ask for a Human King (C.2.WINTER.2) – Download

Week 3: The Division of the Kingdom (C.2.WINTER.3) – Download

Week 4: The Sins of Rehoboam and Jeroboam (C.2.WINTER.4) – Download

Week 5: Ahab, a Bad King for Israel (C.2.WINTER.5) – Download

Week 6: The Sins of Israel Lead Them Into Captivity (C.2.WINTER.6) – Download

Week 7: Asa, Good King of Israel (C.2.WINTER.7) – Download

Week 8: The Reforms of Jehosaphat (C.2.WINTER.8) – Download

Week 9: The Reign of Joash (C.2.WINTER.9) – Download

Week 10: The Reform of Hezekiah (C.2.WINTER.10) – Download

Week 11: God Forgives (C.2.WINTER.11) – Download

Week 12: Josiah Finds the Book of the Law (C.2.WINTER.12) – Download

Week 13: Reign and Fall of Jerusalem (C.2.WINTER.13) – Download

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