Spiritual Direction

What is spiritual direction?
Spiritual direction is a ministry of listening, discernment, and prayer in a confidential setting of encouragement and compassion. Through this ministry, a spiritual companion listens and helps you discern the presence and work of God’s spirit in your life. This companion intentionally sets aside the concerns of his or her own life to listen and attend to the experience of God in your life.

The goal of spiritual direction is that you would grow closer to God and become more the person God created you to be.

If you desire to receive spiritual direction, there are Covenanter leaders in each conference who are happy to assist you in locating a director or pointing you to further resources. Contact us to find a director in your regional conference and learn more about practical pathways to finding a spiritual director.

Sustaining Pastoral Excellence offers grant funding for Covenant pastors, missionaries, and chaplains to explore spiritual direction for their own lives. Click here to learn more about available grants relating to spiritual direction.