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Embrace Webinar #8 – William Mack

Tough Talks on Sexuality in Urban Contexts

Visit Tough Talk’s website: LetsTalkThisOut.com


WILLIAM MACK (Presenter)

For many years, William Mack has been equipping parents in urban contexts and beyond to engage kids in conversations about sexuality through his workshop entitled Tough Talks: Conversations on Self, Sexuality, and Scripture. The Tough Talks workshop is designed to equip and encourage faith leaders, parents, and youth to create safe, informed spaces for dialogue around the sensitive topics of human sexuality and gender identity. We will engage around some of the key insights from William’s workshop as well as special considerations to be considered when engaging in conversations around human sexuality in urban and/or ethnic contexts. William is founding pastor of Grace Community Covenant Church in Louisville, Kentucky. He is also a certified sexual health specialist and has led numerous sexual health workshops for the broader community.


TIM CICCONE (Facilitator)

Tim Ciccone is Director of Youth Ministry for the Evangelical Covenant Church and has a deep passion to serve and encourage youth workers across the denomination. He is father to Caleb, Josiah, Samantha, and Ethan and has been married to Maria for 18 years. Prior to his role Tim was the Pastor of Generational Discipleship at Hillcrest Covenant Church in the Kansas City area. He earned his MDiv from North Park Theological Seminary and has been serving in the church for over 24 years. Tim is passionate about people finding and following Jesus!

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