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The Jesus Mystery, by Tom Collins

He has been the number one celebrity, riding a wave of national fame for the past three years. We know who murdered him. Now, people are asking, “Where is Jesus’ corpse?” Crowds are staging demonstrations, demanding information. Many news investigators search for answers. How will their searches for the truth impact them and others? How…

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Heaven, by Gloria Jean Bodenmuller

This book is written for children but was also helpful for my 73-year-old sister who was recently diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia, for which there is no cure. I was able to use Gloria’s book, Heaven, to read to my sister and she accepted Jesus Christ as her Savior!

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Finding God in Autism

We have several families with children who have special needs in our church. We used the book Finding God in Autism: A Forty Day Devotional for Parents of Autistic Children, by Kathy Medina (Tate Publishing, 2006). Several families in our church were given an opportunity to participate in this devotional. It was a wonderful way…

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