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The ECC is one of many evangelical communities across the country who affirm the importance of engaging in this timely dialogue around immigration. Instead of reacting to already polarized debates, the church has the opportunity to speak into and shape this issue as faithful witnesses relying on our biblical foundation and commitment to follow Christ. As the ECC, a historically immigrant church, we can continue to learn about and respond to the current immigration issues with compassion and justice.


Immigration Resolution


The Christian Action Commission (CAC) writes resolutions on issues of public discipleship for the church to consider and vote on at denominational Annual Meetings. Since 2009, the CAC has adopted a new format for some topics that are more complex and require lengthier resolutions. These resolutions may be presented in draft format for the church to review over the first year, and subsequently adopt in its final format at the following year’s Annual Meeting. The year-long review process for resolutions is intended to help create time and space for engaging dialogue within the church, resulting in greater awareness, reflection, and education throughout the wider church on the topic addressed in a resolution, as well as provide opportunity for churches and individuals to submit comments or edits. The CAC partners with Love Mercy Do Justice and related partners on these resolutions.

2014 Resolution

The “2014 Immigration Resolution” was presented to the church with the intent of fostering dialogue, awareness, and feedback around a complex and often politicized issue. The Christian Action Commission (CAC) encourages churches to spend time reflecting on the resolution and learning about the topic addressed. A resource sheet has been provided by the CAC for church, small group, or individual use to help begin exploration of the topic. Thanks for joining the conversation and sharing (below) with the rest of the church your thoughts and resources on this important topic.

2014 Resolution on Immigration – Download now
Resource Sheet - Download now
2014 Resolución sobre Immigración - Download now
Hoja de Recursos Immigracion - Download now

Immigration Articles

Learn more about Immigration through Covenant voices:


Prayer to Jesus, the Immigrant

Jesus, as an infant you fled to Egypt with your mother Mary and Joseph. You were a vulnerable family in a foreign land, looking for shelter and sustenance. Help us to welcome those like you who cross our borders today. Give us hearts of compassion, humane response, and laws that respect the dignity of all immigrants. Amen

“I Was A Stranger”

Take the “I Was A Stranger” Challenge: 40 Days of Scripture & Prayer.

Learn More about the "I Was A Stranger" Challenge


Immigration Immersion Discipleship Experience

A formational journey that immerses you into the human story of immigration, responsibly giving you access to otherwise inaccessible people and places. Learn from some of the best peacemakers in the world embedded in the borderlands of San Diego/Tijuana. Come away with a deeper understanding of the culture of a border community, the physical and psychological barriers in the immigration system and the barriers we seek to overcome as everyday peacemakers in our daily lives, our communities and our places of worship.

Register for the Immigration Immersion Experience

Covenant Immigration Legal Service Centers

Support Covenant Immigration Legal Service Centers today

Evangelical Immigration Table

The Evangelical Immigration Table is a broad coalition of evangelical organizations and leaders advocating for immigration reform consistent with biblical values.

Learn More About the Evangelical Immigration Table

World Relief

World Relief operates through 20 offices across the United States. For nearly 40 years, we have been working in partnership with the U.S. Department of State, along with our our extensive network of local church partners, to welcome and resettle thousands of refugees referred by the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) to the United States each year.

Learn More About World Relief refugee crisis and immigration resources
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