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Building a Children’s Ministry Team Part 2: Tapping into Talents

Building a children’s ministry team can be challenging. It’s not that everyone is opposed to ministering with children, but many fear they don’t have the skills. Let’s face it, it’s true that not everyone is gifted to be a full-out teacher. Instead, consider a gift-based Children’s Ministry Team.

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Building a Children’s Ministry Team Part 1: Christ’s view of Discipling Children

When God entered our world, God chose to enter it as a child. God chose to identify with children as much as with adults. Children are important to Jesus. The first-person Jesus raises from the dead is a little girl.

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The Importance of Imagination in Discipling Children

When I look, really look, at the immensity of God’s creation from the most distant stars to the smallest seed and everything in between, I am filled with wonder. And when I consider all the intricate interconnected elements of the human body, and the vastness of all the creatures God has made, I am awed by God’s imagination. It is then that I fall to my knees and give thanks to God for bestowing the gift of imagination upon us.

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Sentence Stories

Sharing our stories of faith do not have to be long. Telling our story can begin with sentences interspersed in our daily conversations with others. We might say things like: Without God’s love today, I don’t think I could have loved myself.

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Practices for Reviving Stories of Faith

God is present in every moment, relationship, and circumstance of life. But when we share the events of our day, we rarely include God in the narrative. In order to share our story with God, we need to reshape the way we look at life and our relationship with God. Perhaps we could consider taking pauses throughout day—giving thanks when things are going well, asking for strength and wisdom when we are struggling, praying for others, and treating those we meet as children of God. It’s not that we fail to share stories, but that we fail to acknowledge God’s place in them.

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Helping Children Live into the Season of Lent

What is Lent anyway and where did it come from?

The word Lent comes from the Anglo-Saxon word lencten meaning spring and which is related to the verb lengthen, because this is the time of the year when the days begin to get noticeably longer. It was developed by the early church as a time of preparation for the coming of Easter and is characterized as a season of reflection and contemplation, not unlike Advent.

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