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Blazing Center

As Covenant people, we affirm a conscious dependence on the Holy Spirit. The Blazing Center Resource Suite is specifically designed to ignite a passion to see the Holy Spirit to move through our congregations, out of our churches, and into our communities.

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Narrative Budget

Tell the story that your church is on mission—not “just” an institution to be maintained through staff, buildings, mortgage, and administration. And celebrate!

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Leadership Math

This workshop focuses on identifying leadership styles and processes that promote healthy missional leadership of congregations.

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Heart. Mind. Strength.

Discovering the passions, knowledge, skills, and gifts that each person brings to the congregation and beginning to uncover how those assets can empower mission. HMS is an asset assessment workshop for congregations.

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This interactive workshop includes small group discussion, video examples, humor, compelling teaching, and practical exercises to reach a wide variety of learning styles. This workshop is available as a virtual or in-person experience.

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Periodic Health Checkup

Periodic Health Checkup is an assessment tool to help congregations evaluate how they are doing in three key areas—Missional Identity, Vision, and Leadership. Optimize your ministry’s health with a pHCheckup!

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