Offering of Letters

It takes as few as fifteen letters on one topic to catch the attention of a legislator. By uniting our efforts, Covenanters can strengthen their voice to their government officials and encourage legislation that will help end human trafficking.

Helpful Hints

  • Designate one station of an intergenerational worship service for letter writing, providing completed copies people can readily sign.
  • Provide an area in your church foyer during January where individuals can complete and sign the letter.
  • Offer to handle postage and mailing of letters.
  • Add a letter writing opportunity at a special event (for example, a movie night).
  • Receive updates through web sites that maintain up-to-date action alerts such as International Justice Mission (justice campaigns), the Polaris Project (action center), and World Vision (advocacy action center).


Churches are encouraged to purchase bright orange envelopes for mailing letters to legislators. Imagine hundreds or thousands of orange envelopes arriving at legislators’ offices! To order orange envelopes, click here.

Representative Addresses

Communicate to your legislative representatives on key issues regarding slavery and human trafficking.