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Church Spotlight: Feeding the Thousands

Shortly after the Stay Home Stay Healthy order was announced in Washington, my dad, the pastor of Kent Covenant Church, Keith Carpenter, came to me with the idea of putting together grocery bags that would be available for pickup for families who were in need of food.

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The Holy Spirit is constantly at work, creating and shaping this topsy-turvy world. By God’s grace, we as the church are invited over and over again to join in this holy and difficult work.

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When I asked the students inside Stateville Correctional Center what one book they would recommend, I was surprised when two-thirds of the group said the same title.

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5 Minutes with Jay Catanus and Soong-Chan Rah: A Proclamation of the Future

In June, members of the AACC helped organize a march for justice in Chicago. The primarily Asian crowd marched to support Black Lives Matter for about two miles—starting at one of the oldest Chinese Protestant churches in the Midwest, the Chinese Christian Union Church (CCUC) and making their way to the Progressive Baptist Church, a historic Black church in the Bridgeport community, making stops along the way for prayer, worship, and reflection.

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The Noteworthy Ordinary

As far as we know, there was nothing particularly noteworthy about this ordinary desert bush until God made it into something special.
Sometimes it happens that way.

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