Turning 65

Turning 65

Your benefits package changes slightly when you reach the age of sixty-five and are still employed by a Covenant organization.

Health insurance

Unless you are working in a Covenant organization which employs more than twenty individuals (for at least twenty nonconsecutive weeks of this or last year), your medical insurance will change to a supplementary plan to Medicare. Your health insurance premium will be drastically reduced, saving money for your employer, and your long-term disability, prescription, dental, and vision insurances will not be altered.

If you are turning sixty-five and work for a Covenant organization with less than twenty employees, please enroll in Medicare A and B and send a copy of your Medicare card to Bethany Benefit Service as soon as you receive it.

Life insurance

Your life insurance benefit will decrease from $100,000 to $65,000 upon turning sixty-five. Due to this change, your life insurance premium will also decrease. For more details, click here.