Application Process


Determine your grant eligibility based on the published criteria. Pastors, missionaries, and chaplains who are eligible for SPE funding will demonstrate the following qualifications:

  1. Actively serving in a Covenant church or ministry setting with at least two years of ministry experience.
  2. Currently holding an active Covenant credential (this includes Covenant ministers holding a bi-vocational license, who have completed the Vocational Excellence class. Ministers with retired credentials are not eligible.)
  3. In good standing with the Covenant Ministerium, including the payment of conference and national ministerial dues for at least the last two years.
  4. Grants are available every other year with a lifetime cap of three grants.

Use the appropriate grant application form, which can be downloaded from each of the three areas. Only grant applications submitted using these forms will be considered. Please attach any relevant supporting material to your application.

Constancy: Retreats >>

Competence: Pastoral Arts >>

Character: Spiritual Direction >>

Watch your email

Grant award decisions will be sent via email as listed on your application. If you are approved you will receive notification within twenty-one days of the application deadline. 

If your grant request is denied your letter will include specifics as to why it could not be approved.


We hope that you will fully enjoy the experience for which you are receiving a grant and that you will connect deeply with Jesus during that time, whatever it is.