The Sustaining Pastoral Excellence initiative exists as the result of the generosity of a variety of agencies. It takes a denomination-wide effort to develop the kind of culture that will sustain pastoral excellence. Working together, we can encourage pastors, missionaries, and chaplains to flourish in their relationship with Christ which will enhancing our common ministry for the sake of the kingdom.

Lilly Endowment, Inc. 

The Sustaining Pastoral Excellence Initiative began in 2004 with a generous award from the Lilly Endowment. In July 2008 a second grant was won by the Evangelical Covenant Church for its work with Sustaining Pastoral Excellence; these additional funds ensure that grants to Covenant pastors, missionaries, and chaplains will be available through 2022. 

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Individual Donors

Sustaining Pastoral Excellence also welcomes gifts from individuals who are interested in supporting the development of pastoral and mission leaders in the Covenant. Both individuals and family foundations have contributed to this work. Contributions to Sustaining Pastoral Excellence will flow directly to our ministerial community. Gifts may be designated to provide spiritual direction for pastors, learning opportunities in the areas of preaching, leading, teaching, and caring, or for renewal retreats.

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Covenant Ministerium 

The Covenant Ministerium continues to provide generous support to the initiative through a portion of the dues paid each year by pastors, chaplains, and missionaries.

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