If you decide to host either Moment to Moment or Streams and Pathways at your church, the Make and Deepen Disciples team will provide a facilitator equipped to guide participants in a biblically-based, experiential retreat and will provide this facilitator with an honorarium, as well as transportation and lodging. The local church, however, is responsible for providing ground transportation to and from the airport/hotel/church and any costs related to supplies.

Prayer experiences are designed to be a day and a half long, for example, Friday evening through Saturday. Materials for each experience are available for download on our website, and the local church is responsible for reproducing the materials for the participants.

If you desire to schedule a prayer experience, please email or fax the downloadable request form to the Make and Deepen Disciples team. Indicate in what month you are interested in hosting the retreat. A limited number of free prayer experiences are available each year, but we will do everything we can to facilitate your request by providing you some available dates during the month requested and the name of a facilitator whose schedule and style will be a good fit for your church.