The purpose of Mission Friends: The Meaning of Membership is to explore what it means to become a member within the Evangelical Covenant Church. It has been developed with the understanding that becoming part of the body of Christ is a spiritual matter. The Holy Spirit draws people of all ages to congregations for the purposes of working out the will of God through the church.

This resource is designed not only to inform but also to guide participants in reflecting on their relationships with God, one another, the congregation, and the church as a whole.

Mission Friends covers…

  • The Mission of God
  • The Mission of the Evangelical Covenant Church
  • The Mission of the Church
  • The Mission of a Member

Mission Friends includes…

This curriculum is comprised of a leader’s guide, PowerPoint presentation, and an interactive participant guide. All of these materials, along with supplemental resources are available here to download at no cost. Together, these pieces take the leader and participants through four sessions of approximately one-hour each.

Mission Friends is…

  • Christ focused
  • Congregationally-centered
  • Pedagogically varied
  • Relationally designed