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With a strong commitment to the Word of God, our denominational family has always wrestled with and leaned into how best to apply the truths of their faith in their current cultural context. Today it is no different. It is clear that the fruit of our deep commitment and heartfelt devotion to Jesus is one of compassion, mercy, and justice as we engage the world around us. and our hope is that as we do, the Kingdom of God will be made more and more evident on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Unite for Hope

View highlights from this virtual, one-night, denomination-wide event where youth came together to seek out and celebrate the hope we have in Jesus.

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Youth Workers Connection | January 26, 2021

View the video here of our first Virtual Youth Workers’ Connection. Mark Oestreicher, the keynote speaker, and Tim Ciccone, ECC Director of Youth Ministry, engage the audience around effective youth ministry in this unique and challenging ministry landscape based upon the Youth Cartel's recent book Youth Ministry In This Season Of Disruption.

Youth Workers Connection 2020 Video Archive


Pre-CHIC 2018 Curriculum

This curriculum was developed to help prepare our churches for CHIC 2018. One of the greatest gifts CHIC provides our youth is an incredible sense of the vast beauty of the kingdom of God. One of the strengths of an event like Unite (link to is the beautiful mosaic. At the same time, we have also seen our students wrestle with the challenge of that incredible diversity when they are not fully prepared to encounter it. Our hope is to partner with you as we help all of our students prepare to join together—valuing and caring for one another as members of the family of God. Our hope is that this curriculum will help churches engage and grow in their Christian generosity toward people who are beautifully different from those they encounter day in and day out.

Download Pre-CHIC 2018 Curriculum


Growing With: The Vital Call of Youth Ministry to Partner and Support Parents

Youth ministries can only succeed through strong partnerships with parents and caregivers. Growing With is a valuable new resource based on cutting-edge research that empowers parents to help their teenage and young adult children build their faith, grow in love for God, and cherish the church. Kara Powell, coauthor of Growing With, will join us for a webinar conversation to explore the overarching findings and recommended strategies of the research. She will also encourage youth workers with practical guidance on strengthening their partnerships with parents.

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Teaching Biblical Sexuality in Youth Ministry

(Part of the Embrace Webinar Series)

Caring for today’s teenagers is both a wonderful calling and a complex undertaking. Given the increasingly fluid perspective of human sexuality with “Generation Z,” thoughtful and collaborative care must be the foundation of youth ministry sexual discipleship. How can a larger biblical narrative of human sexuality bolster our youth, parents, and youth workers in these discipleship efforts? Dr. Walt Mueller has written extensively on youth ministry and biblical sexuality. For the past several years, he has also hosted the Symposium on Traditional Biblical Sexuality and Youth Ministry at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary. Join ECC Director of Youth Ministry Tim Ciccone for a conversation with Dr. Mueller that will highlight key learnings from this symposium and beyond.

Youth Ministry 3.0

Follow the link below to view the webinar recording of Mark Oestreicher's conversation with Tim Ciccone on some of the emerging trends, principles, and practices in today’s youth ministry world.

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ECC Youth Ministry exists to leverage the local congregation so that the students in and out of the church may come to know, love, and serve Jesus Christ all the days of their life.

We believe there are 5 essential components to healthy youth ministry:

Inspiration Events


The ECC provides events that inspire and encourage youth workers and their students to seek to encounter the living Christ, be encouraged, healed, transformed, and sent back into ministry.

Programmatic Resources


In order for students to get a full and healthy diet of spiritual formation and discipleship, a solid program is important. The ECC is your clearinghouse for vital resources and helps in this area.

Professional Developement


There are many ways to grow professionally, but one of the best is by joining together in intentional learning cohorts. This new initiative will leverage the gifts and skills of our veteran youth workeres to develop and equip the next generation of youth workers. Check back for details coming soon!

Meaningful Connections


There are already Youth Ministry Conference Coaches established in each conference of the ECC. This excellent team creates regional networks so youth workers can be connected, known, and resourced.
Find a coach in your area

Support for the Local Church


There are many complex variables for determining the best way to establish, fund, staff, and grow a student ministry. Local congregations need not do this in isolation, rather, use the ECC as a valuable resource and mentor. Check back for more details in the future.