About the Association of Covenant Spiritual Directors

Our desire in the Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC) is for individuals to have a deep, abiding life with Christ. This kind of experience is in keeping with the strong traditions of our denomination as we consider the formational question in the narrative of our history together: “How goes your walk with Christ?” A foundational verse for the ECC is found in Psalm 119:63: “I am a companion of all who fear ” (NRSV). We believe that a gentle, listening presence can help bring transformation in peoples’ lives.

Denomination Association

The Association of Covenant Spiritual Directors (ACSD) exists to facilitate a broader connection between Covenant-affiliated spiritual directors.


The purpose of the Association Covenant Spiritual Directors (ACSD) is to further the spiritual direction ministry of the ECC through providing visibility for the ministry, advocacy to strengthen and expand the ministry, support for affiliated spiritual directors, and coordination of shared ministries and resourcing with regional spiritual direction networks.

Visibility: We seek to increase the visibility/awareness among ECC members, pastors, churches, and leaders of the role, educational opportunities, and ministry of spiritual direction.

Advocacy: We are committed to advocating for the ministry of spiritual direction.

Strengthening and Expanding the Ministry of Spiritual Direction Throughout the Denomination: We offer the ministry of spiritual direction at various Covenant events such as the Midwinter Conference, Women’s Triennial, Sustaining Pastoral Excellence events, and Covenant Orientation classes.

Support: To provide opportunities for the individual growth for affiliated spiritual directors through supportive fellowship, continuing education, resourcing, and individual encouragement.

Coordinating Council

A group of officers is elected by ACSD members to organize and champion the association’s purposes, events, meetings, resources, website offerings, and other amenities. The current coordinating team consists of the following persons:

Rick Mylander (Pacific Northwest Conference), President
Laurie Rude (Northwest Conference), Secretary
Jennifer Andersson (Great Lakes Conference)
Janice Kelly (Serve Globally)
Tammy Long (Pacific Southwest Conference)
Lina Sanchez-Herrera (Central Conference)
Mitzi Barker (Alaska Conference)
Rob Peterson (North Park Seminary Center for Spiritual Direction), Advisory
Millie Lungren (Central Conference), Advisory
Michelle Sanchez (ECC Make and Deepen Disciples group), Advisory
Christina Burrows (Pacific Southwest Conference)

Contact Us

(773) 784–3000

Spiritual Direction is a ministry of
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