“Acts29 was a tremendous cultural experience of trying to live out in close community what the early church experienced in the first years after Pentacost. I found myself asking the question, ‘what part of my Christianity that I’m living out is informed by my cultural context, and what part is led by my Bible?'”

- David Dahms retired Covenant pastor who served as an Acts29 school elder

“The Acts29 school connected us to our past. I have a deep appreciation for ‘doing history,’ as it is so important for us to remember. It has been 130 years since two men came from Sweden to Alaska and began planting seeds of the good news in Alaska. There were ten Swedish students here for three months. They ate in our homes, learned from our people and grew in dsicipleship on Alaska soil. It felt like a significant ‘come-full-circle’ moment in the history of our church.”

- Curtis Ivanoff Superintendent, Alaska Conference