About Us

Acts 29 seeks to be an international, multicultural mission movement of young adults who have been discipled and transformed for missional leadership in the church and in the world.

The History

The movement of Acts 29 began as a partnership between Iglesias del Pacto Evangelical del Ecuador (The Evangelical Covenant Church in Ecuador) and the Mission of the Covenant Church of Sweden. The first school was held in Montecristi, Ecuador, in 2004. Since then Chile, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Republic of Congo, Finland, India, Mexico, Russia, Spain, Sweden, China, Thailand, and the United States have hosted schools, and additional countries have sent participants.

The Mission

  • Acts 29 is a discipleship school. We participate in the process of shaping lives in community as we follow Jesus.
  • Acts 29 is a leadership school. We entrust young adults with delegated leadership. We mentor and empower them to become servant leaders.
  • Act 29 is a mission school. We encourage young adults to participate in God’s mission of reconciling all things to himself.

Our Values

  1. The Story Continues: Acts 29 focuses on what Jesus, the apostles, and the first church did. God continues such work today. We work together with the Holy Spirit to transform lives and communities.
  2. Crossing Cultures: The participants and leaders are always from two or more nations and cultures with no group dominating. Encounters between different cultures create an environment to interpret and apply the gospel together.
  3. Hearing and Being: We minimize the distance between hearing and being by practicing in the afternoons what we have discovered in the Scriptures in the mornings. The teaching is biblical, practical, inspirational, and not primarily academic. It is provided by a variety of educators.
  4. People of the Way: The teaching is often done in the “Jesus style,” using everyday objects and situations to express profound spiritual truths. It is also provided in the “Paul style,” as in Ephesus where the apostle taught in a classroom setting.
  5. Simplicity: We live together in neither poverty nor riches. Basic needs are met. We work together to disengage ourselves from things that distract or separate us from God and from one another.
  6. Together with Local Churches: Acts 29 takes place among national churches and in close fellowship with local churches and ministries. We seek to encourage and inspire the local church.
  7. Leading Like Jesus: Acts 29 practices biblically based leadership that is sensitive to local cultures. The image of a loving shepherd is the inspiration for servant leadership.
  8. The Whole Gospel: Acts 29 seeks to minister to every aspect of human need—spiritual, emotional, and material. We endeavor to incarnate and interpret the gospel so that its power will bring about holistic transformation and justice to society.


Acts 29 schools are self-supporting, primarily through fees paid by participants. The organizing churches are responsible for disbursing surpluses or recovering losses.