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Dear Friends:

Thank you for your interest in Acts29! The Make and Deepen Disciples team is excited to share this unique international discipleship program as an option for young adults in your church community. Acts29 is a partnership between the Evangelical Covenant Church in North America and several sister Covenant churches worldwide (Sweden, Ecuador, India, and beyond). Acts29 focuses on international discipleship, leadership, and mission.

Young adults (ages 18-24) gather together from across the globe for three months to share life and faith together, living by the principles of the early church as we find in the book of Acts. This is a true immersion experience.

The book of Acts, which highlights the powerful and exponential work of God through the church, ends with chapter 28. But God is still on the move! Acts29 reminds us that the great story of God’s mission continues today through us, equipping participants to flourish as disciples and leaders in God’s ongoing mission. (Please note: The Covenant Acts29 initiative has no connection to the North American church planting movement of the same name.)

One of the key values of Acts29 is intercultural community and mission—leaning into the diverse cultural backgrounds that come together to create the beautiful mosaic of the kingdom of God. Students come from at least three different countries to share housing accommodations, food, and practices based on kingdom values, as well as a deep respect and connection for the local culture. This discipleship program focuses on living in community to help participants learn to understand the gospel and develop their intercultural competence. Each school is bilingual, offered both in the language of the host country and English.

There really is nothing like an Acts29 discipleship school, and we hope the young adults in your community will consider this unique opportunity to dive deep in their discipleship journey. Please review our website for more information. If you have any questions or to inquire about a future Acts29 school, feel free to reach out to me at Tim.Ciccone@Covchurch.org.

Thank you!

Tim Ciccone


Acts 29 seeks to be an international, multicultural mission movement of young adults who have been discipled and transformed for missional leadership in the church and in the world… Learn more >>

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