About The Journey

The Journey is a resource for youth and adult discipleship and confirmation. Its purpose is to foster a deep and abiding relationship with Father, Son, and Holy Spirit by encouraging participants to begin, or intentionally continue, a life-long journey as Christ’s disciple.

The focus of The Journey is twofold. First, students have an opportunity to learn the truths of the Christian faith, through the stories of the Bible, and though the ongoing work of the church. Second, students have an opportunity to develop discipling relationships with pastors, mentors and parents. The focus is not only to learn what the Bible says, but to commune with God through the Word and through mentoring relationships. Both are for the purpose of developing a growing relationship with Christ and helping students learn to articulate what they believe about the Bible’s message, and how faith in Christ translates into living out God’s will in the world.

Discipleship and confirmation experiences each hold an important place in the faith development of adolescents. Some Covenant churches use The Journey in their youth ministry for discipleship, while others use it for confirmation. The goal of The Journey is to present an overview of the Bible and church beliefs while offering all participants the opportunity to make or strengthen their personal commitment to follow Christ.

For persons baptized as infants, The Journey provides an opportunity to review the vows made by their parents at the time of baptism and take personal responsibility for their faith by “confirming” it for themselves. The Covenant Book of Worship describes this ministry as follows: “Confirmation in the Covenant Church is designed to be a systematic exploration of God’s word, the history of our faith, and the importance of living a Christian life.”

For others The Journey prepares them for baptism or grounds them in the basic elements of Christian faith after baptism. Within the curriculum, no matter how it is used, there is opportunity not only for education in biblical truth, but also for students to come face to face with the call of Jesus to enter into a personal relationship with him and grow in their faith.