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Host a CWRD Sunday

NOVEMBER 21, 2021

We invite all Covenant churches to participate in Covenant World Relief & Development Sunday! On Sunday, November 21, 2021 (or any other Sunday that works best for your church), your congregation can highlight and celebrate the ways God is at work through CWRD partners around the world.

Contact us if you would like a CWRD representative to join you on your CWRD Sunday to share from the pulpit or during a special event. CWRD representatives are available throughout the year to preach or teach at your church.

Download or order the materials below to use on your CWRD Sunday to share about the work of CWRD:

  • Download bulletin inserts or full CWRD Updates to hand out to your congregation.
  • Order CWRD Brochures to introduce your congregation to CWRD ministries.
  • Hang up the CWRD Poster in your church to remind your congregation of the people they are helping around the world.
  • Visit to find CWRD partner videos that show the impact of CWRD ministries around the world.

Download and Order Materials

Raise awareness on global issues

Through both the Refugee Journey and Project Blue, churches are invited to raise awareness about global issues where CWRD partners are active. CWRD and our partners are working for transformation in communities around the world and we also hope for transformation in each of us, that we would become like Christ and come to see others as our brothers and sisters worthy of dignity and respect as we develop new understandings of poverty, injustice, and access to basic needs such as clean water.

Refugee Journey

The Refugee Journey was introduced at CHIC 2018. It is an opportunity for you and your church to experience what it is like to be forced from home and become a refugee. This interactive project gives each person the opportunity to follow the story of Syrian or South Sudanese refugees from life before conflict all the way through to 10 years after being forced from home.

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Project Blue

The CWRD Project Blue Walk for Water was introduced at CHIC 2015. It is an opportunity for you and your church to experience firsthand what it is like to carry a five-gallon jerry can (40 pounds) in a simulated water collection experience. The project gives each person or team the opportunity to follow one of four stories from around the world highlighting some of the struggles of those who walk for water.

Project Blue

For Children

Kids Helping Kids resources are developed in partnership between Serve Globally, Covenant World Relief & Development, and the Make and Deepen Disciples mission priority of the Evangelical Covenant Church. Each year a new Kids Helping Kids resource is developed to highlight a global issue through a twelve-week curriculum to help children learn from the faith stories of other children around the world and reflect on and share their own stories of faith and what it means to respond thoughtfully and responsibly to global issues.

To see current and past Kids Helping Kids resources, visit the Kids Helping Kids page.

Kids Helping Kids: Caring for God's Creation

Through the Kids Helping Kids resource, children will learn from and be inspired by children from around the world. The following resource shares stories from children who are involved in caring for God’s creation through Covenant partnerships.

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Communion Wafers

In partnership with the Hindustani Covenant Church, Covenant World Relief & Development is able to provide communion wafers produced at the Home of Hope in Pune, India. Women who escape the commercial sex industry come to the Home of Hope to receive counseling, rest, and learn new jobs including making communion wafers.

Communion wafers are bundled in packs of 50. The cost is $25 plus shipping and handling for each pack of 500.

Please contact us by email at to place your order.

Download the CWRD communion wafers bulletin insert.