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Refugee Response


Refugee Journey How-To Guide

Lead your church in a refugee journey experience.

Kids helping kids: Refugees Around the World

A free 12-week resource for children to hear stories from refugee children and learn about ways to respond through prayer, activities, and giving.

A Better Country: Embracing Refugees in Our Midst
by: Cindy Wu

This study aims to help Christians, specifically Christians in the United States, think theologically and practically about the global refugee crisis. The workbook is divided into seven lessons, including a Personal Action Plan as your concluding application.

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CHIC Unite Curriculum on Refugees 

As we start a conversation in our churches about refugees, it is helpful to identify some background knowledge. This resource provides definitions, background information, and links to further resources, including biblical references.

Find what orgs in your home state are working with refugees 

The US Department of Health and Human Services keeps a map of refugee agencies in each US state. Find the organization closest to your hometown.

UNHCR Website The UN Refugee Agency provides the latest statistic about the global refugee crisis.