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Proposed Bylaw Amendments Posted Online

Proposed bylaw amendments to be voted on by delegates to the 135th Covenant Annual Meeting of the Evangelical Covenant Church in June are posted online at the Gather 2021 website. The agenda, as well as other materials, including a proposed “Resolution to Repudiate the Doctrine of Discovery,” also are posted.

Gather 2021 will be held virtually June 22-26. Delegates must register by Monday, June 7, to participate in the meeting.

The amendments propose a structural realignment of the denominational team, as well as that ethnic associations be represented on major denominational boards.

The Executive Board approved the realignment proposal in March. The postings include recommendations from the Strategic Alignment Team, a video outlining the changes, and FAQs.

Delegates will vote on key elements of the reorganization proposal, including the purpose of the denominational team, overall operating philosophy, and leadership structure.